For Investment Partners

For Investment Partners

Work with long-term investment partners to deliver high quality project returns from renewable investment opportunities with Innova.

Why should you consider investing in renewables?

Renewable energy currently comprises around 40% of the UK’s electricity generation, and there is an ambition to reach 100% by 2050 in line with the UK’s Net Zero targets.  

In fact, according to the International Energy Agency, investments in renewable energy will need to increase threefold in the coming years to achieve Net Zero. 

Ultimately, this means that market opportunities for investment in renewables are growing exponentially.


What sets Innova’s investment opportunities apart?

We pride ourselves in our vertically integrated approach, and thrive on bringing investors on board for the journey. Our team of M&A experts are intimately familiar with every aspect of our projects at each stage — from pre-feasibility all the way through to commercial operations, asset management and maintenance.  

These projects which include utility-scale solar developments and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are optimised for long-term operation and impact. Plus, our portfolio and pipeline are growing exponentially. 

We are flexible to the needs of our investment partners and go the extra mile to align ourselves to investor requirements. Indeed, we are already partnered with several investors, including the likes of Schroder’s Greencoat and Triple Point. As such, we are very well resourced and funded – yet our appetite for further growth is resolute.  


We are open to all kinds of investment opportunities here at Innova.

If you’d like to discuss investing with Innova in further detail, get in touch with our team today.

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