Natural Capital and Biodiversity

See how Innova’s approach to renewable hub development enhances Natural Capital and promotes Biodiversity.

Positively improving the environment is integral to our mission here at Innova.

As such, we champion a Green Commitment that puts Natural Capital and Biodiversity at the heart of every renewable hub we develop.

Natural Capital

The earth provides a plethora of natural resources that not only support human life, but also regulate our climate and general environment. 

As operators of renewable hubs, which are often greenfield sites, we feel passionate about natural capital – safeguarding local ecology, enhancing biodiversity, and protecting habitats. 

We therefore work closely with communities where we operate, farmers, and other landowners to design and implement solutions that often go above and beyond our statutory requirements. 

Each of our projects have detailed landscape management plans, with demonstrable actions that contribute to air and water quality, mitigate soil erosion, prevent flooding and control pests and invasive species.   

We believe that with an investment in ecological enhancement benefits wildlife and communities, and will lead to wider support for future renewable hubs.  



Drawing from our approach to natural capital, we ensure that all our renewable developments deliver Biodiversity Net Gain as required by law. In agreement with landowners and local communities, we proactively find and realise opportunities to exceed those requirements wherever possible. 

As part of our Green Commitment, we will continue to: 

  • identify and implement ways to optimise biodiversity net gain throughout the lifetime of a project;  
  • monitor, manage, and learn from our experiences; 
  • feed this learning back into our other projects and share it with others; and 
  • leave the environment in a better condition than we found it when the life of our projects comes to an end 
Nature-inclusive and sustainable agriculture with wild flowers along potato field.

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