InnovaGen (part of Innova Group) was formed to develop and commercialise a unique pyrolysis system for diversified distributed energy generation.

The project has been in development for over four years, and it is currently in the process of completing final commissioning. Our pyrolysis technology is scalable and modular by design.


Our solution promises to be effective at processing a broad scope of waste types from plastic and black bin waste, with the modular design enabling the plant scale to reflect forecast waste volumes. Furthermore, the design and experience of our existing pilot project seeks to mitigate planning permitting risks for future sites, enabling delivery of solutions to clients in a timely manner.


Introducing Biochar

Whilst generating renewable energy is InnovaGen’s primary business, our innovative slow pyrolysis process (thermal decomposition) creates a by-product, known as Biochar.

Biochar is a material which has huge potential within the field of carbon sequestration, the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide. 

Biochar not only provides a stable store for carbon, but it also has a wide range of environmental benefits that which contribute to zero carbon energy and carbon sequestration, including: 


  1. as an animal feed supplement
  2. as a sustainable fertiliser
  3. the ability to greatly increasing water retention within agricultural soils, and
  4. uses within the sanitation, filtration, construction, and medicine sectors

InnovaGen delivers sustainable zero carbon energy vectors to support industrial decarbonisation, whilst producing Biochar - a valuable commodity in Carbon Sequestration.

This means: 

  1. that small scale modular plants can be embedded into local industry or waste transfer station, and
  2. a subsequent a reduction in waste transport carbon miles, due to co-location on waste sites 

Creating a flexible technology can lead to a distributed network of pyrolysis reactors capable of processing hard to handle waste materials into a product capable of disrupting existing fertiliser supply chains. 


What makes InnovaGen’s process different?

Our integrated process will reduce carbon emissions upstream and downstream, sequestering carbon, producing clean energy and creating a sixth tier to the waste hierarchy – A Conversion Step.

A tree in a fieldA tree in a fieldA tree in a fieldA tree in a field

What makes InnovaGen’s process different?

  • produces heat, and we have already run drying trials.

  • is robust and resilient, and we have already achieved over 6000 hours of operations.

  • is currently on Wood Waste, RDF and Difficult to handle waste materials converting them into a range of valuable energy vectors.

  • is Carbon Capture ready – with the ability to capture carbon pre combustion. It also produces Biochar – an important commodity in Carbon Sequestration.

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