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Private Wire Power Purchase Agreement

Power your business directly with low-cost, zero-carbon renewable power.

What is a Private Wire PPA?

A Private Wire Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) entails a direct connection between a nearby or remote renewable energy site and your business.

With a Private Wire PPA, Innova will, at our own expense, assist in the development of a brand-new renewable project in close proximity to your site, which will connect directly into your premises.

This is unlike a Corporate PPA, where energy generated by a renewable asset goes the grid before being distributed to your site(s).

How does a Private Wire PPA work?

Private Wire PPA Diagram


Energy is generated at one or more of Innova’s solar sites, either in close proximity to your premises, or remotely.


The energy generated from the site goes directly to power your premises.


As your premises will be drawing energy from the solar farm(s) it’s connected to, your business will be able to reduce the amount of energy purchased from the grid.


Private Wire PPAs benefits

  • The power supplied to you from the renewable project is fully renewable with zero-carbon emissions, unlike grid power which still has a significant carbon content. As a result, your scope 2 GHG emissions will decrease.

  • With a Private Wire PPA, the renewable power you purchase will be fully traceable to your site, and exclusively yours.

    You would be able to name the site and show pictures in your literature so that your customers and stakeholders will know that you are purchasing power responsibly and locally.

  • With the increasing demand for sustainable businesses from key stakeholders, being able to demonstrate your commitment to renewable and sustainable business practices through a PPA will result in a positive brand image.

  • The fact that the renewable project connected to your premises will be new means there is a real impact on emissions, unlike standard renewable tariffs, which are backed by power from already established renewable generation sources.

Think a Private Wire PPA is right for your business?

If so, get in touch with our team. We’d love to discuss the options available to you and how we can work together.

In the meantime, be sure to take a look at our range of PPA articles, and visit our FAQs page for energy buyers if you have any questions. 


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