With a breadth of experience in developing and delivering high-quality assets throughout the renewable energy sector, Innova specialises in taking projects across the whole life cycle - from conception to completion.


Our collaborative approach lies at the heart of Innova’s development success

Our projects are developed through our own in-house development team, strategic acquisitions of partially or fully developed sites, and through long-term development partnerships, including industry partners, landowners, and the local community.

This ensures that our projects are viable through all stages of development, and that due diligence is taken throughout each aspect of the project lifecycle.

An overview of Innova’s development process

1. Establishing grid capacity

Working closely with our industry partner Roadnight Taylor, we establish grid capacity, before submitting a grid application and accepting any subsequent offers from the relevant Distribution Network Operator (DNO). 

At Innova, we have an 80% connection application success rate for high voltage and extra high voltage schemes compared industry average of less than 20%. 


Power lines against a solar farm and birds flying through the sky

2. Finding, reviewing, and securing land

Reviewing all land within a suitable radius from the point of our established connection, we undertake a range of surveys to select land for development and consult landowners to ascertain their interest in hosting a development on their land. 

Simultaneously, our planning specialists review the local planning authority planning policy and development plans and undertake a site visit to narrow down the most appropriate site. 

Solar panels in a field behind a puddle

3. Determining project feasibility

Once our development team have established whether any mitigation needs to be incorporated into the site design, we commission a wide range of surveys to assist with the final design and planning application. 

Members of the Innova team in a meeting

4. Engaging with the local community

At Innova, we believe that public engagement is imperative to a project. As such, we reach out to the LPA, local Parish, and Ward Councillors, to arrange public consultations to obtain valuable local information and feedback – which we look to incorporate wherever possible. 

A couple planting and watering a tree together on a summer day

5. Creation and submission of planning application

Once all studies have been undertaken and the site is designed, a planning application is created and submitted to the Local Planning Authority to decide if planning should be approved. 

At the same time, our experienced project managers work closely with Innova’s legal counsel to obtain the rights to develop and operate on the selected site, and continue working with Innova’s grid specialists to progress with the grid agreement. 

Two hands holding pencils over a planning application.

Building on the track record and expertise of the wider group, our core current focus is on solar and storage projects.

However, we work tirelessly across multiple renewable energy generation technologies, and strive to develop and implement the optimal generation technology mix best suited to the site or project and the objectives of our development or operational partners and local communities.

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