Operations Management

As a vertically integrated renewable energy company, Innova has extensive experience across the entire value chain of renewable energy assets — starting in the development phase through the design, commissioning, asset management and operations until decommissioning.


Unparalleled expertise and processes

Innova has technical, commercial and legal experts to ensure comprehensive monitoring, operations and maintenance, and asset management processes to ensure optimal performance of our assets while maintaining a high level of health and safety of all works carried out.

An overview of the operations management process

Asset Monitoring: Real-time insights for proactive management

Utilising a consolidated monitoring platform for near-real time string level monitoring, puts the Innova team into a position to react quickly to faults and ensure availability and performance ratio beyond guaranteed thresholds. 

Our in-house technical capabilities and use of market-leading technology enable us to:

  1. quickly and efficiently identify and resolve complex performance issues 
  2. implement data-driven performance optimisation at our current sites 
  3. infuse our findings into the design and build optimisation of future sites 
Members of the Innova engineering team viewing a presentation

Asset Management: Ensuring compliance, performance optimisation, and detailed reporting

Our integrated technical asset management platform enables us to take an active approach to site management, including regular site visits, detailed overview of Equipment Hierarchy and Spare Parts, Warranty Management and detailed performance and incident reporting.


Asset Maintenance: Ensuring longevity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness

In collaboration with top-tier contractors, engineers, and equipment providers, we implement a meticulously designed preventative maintenance strategy. Our approach offers: 

  1. Optimised asset performance: Extend the lifespan and maximise the output of your investments.
  2. Reduced operational expenses: Our proactive measures minimise long-term costs, making your assets more profitable.
  3. Cost and time savings: Avoid the need for extensive repairs, saving both time and financial resources.

Strategic partnerships: Synergy for success

At Innova, we forge meaningful relationships with key stakeholders — ranging from contractors and equipment suppliers to DNOs, local planning authorities, landowners, and communities. Leveraging advanced management methodologies, we: 

  • Unlock portfolio synergies: Our integrated approach allows us to aggregate benefits across multiple assets, enhancing overall portfolio value.
  • Maximise operational excellence: Through collaborative efforts and cutting-edge management techniques, we elevate the performance of each operational facet.

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