Project Development

Discover Innova's vertically integrated process

From design and concept through to operations management - and beyond - our development process ensures high-quality technologies that accelerate decarbonisation, promote environmental sustainability, and support local communities.


Our mission is to develop utility-scale renewable energy multi-technology hubs using a broad range of innovative solutions. Our development activity is now increasingly centred on very large scale with multiple transmission connected assets.


How we work

Innova is committed to developing, acquiring and operating innovative renewable projects providing decentralised energy solutions and regeneration for the decarbonisation and sustainability of the environment and local communities.

Innova’s vertically integrated structure and highly experienced team delivers high quality de-risked operating assets through the following imperatives:

  1. Development integration
  2. Skilful construction
  3. Optimised operations
  4. Linking consumers to generators of renewable energy

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