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Striving towards Net Zero with innovative renewable energy solutions

Learn more about Innova, including who we are, what we do, our mission and values, what sets us apart, and how we’re making a difference.


What is our mission, and how are we achieving it?

Our long-term mission is to create utility scale renewable energy projects using multi-technologies, to provide clean energy to communities and businesses both directly and indirectly, and to take large energy users off-grid whilst meeting or exceeding our environmental obligations.

Innova will achieve this mission by continuing to develop, build, and operate a range of innovative, environmentally sustainable, long-term renewable energy solutions.

Innova is the smart future of green energy.

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Our values

  • Our strategic approach enables us to take a long-term view to achieve our goals.

  • Creating new solutions and new products for the industry.

  • We can only create and deliver the best projects if all parts of the business work as one.

  • We do what we say, building partnerships based on trust.

  • Improving and sustaining the local environment and wildlife are at the heart of all our projects.

  • Delivering a finished product to our clients.



    Innova was born, and founders Robin Dummett and Andrew Kaye raised the capital to build the first renewable energy site.


    Innova sold sites to Blackrock, Foresight and Primrose. Raised £50m and started to buy and develop six operational sites. Read more


    Appointed Asset Manager of 15 distressed sites and turned them around.


    46.6MW operational solar portfolio sold to NextEnergy. Started developing new subsidy free sites in the UK.


    Formed new partnership with development consultants Novus and started to scale the business to the next level.

    Founding of a joint

    Read more


    Rapid growth in pipeline of utility scale solar and battery energy storage sites.

    NatWest first of a kind SONIA project

    Read more


    Sale of 3.7 MW commercial rooftop solar portfolio to Octopus Renewables.

    Sale of 61.5 MW subsidised ground mounted solar portfolio

    Read more


    Development and build of renewable energy sites.

    Three solar projects awarded CfDs by the UK Department for Business, Energy and

    Read more


    Greencoat UK Solar and Innova announce strategic partnership for solar energy and storage.

    Planning permission secured for Innova's first-of-many

    Following continued development success, Innova acquires Novus Renewable Services.

    Read more


    Planning permission is granted for Innova's second energy storage transmission connected project.

    What makes us different?

    Innova offer an integrated approach to renewable energy developments and operations, with an in-house capability across the life cycle of any project. This includes planning, grid connections, project rights development, financing, construction and asset management, power purchase agreements, and long-term operations. 

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    An aerial view of solar panels in a yellow field

    Our projects

    To date, Innova has over 60 DNO and Grid connected sites under development in the UK, with a combined solar and storage capacity in excess of 24GW.  

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    Who do we work with?

    Working across the lifecycle of a renewable project means collaborating witha variety of different people – from landowners and communities to energy buyers and suppliers and beyond. 

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    Our Green



    Identify and implement ways to optimise biodiversity net gain

    All our clients’ sites will deliver Biodiversity Net Gain as required by law, and if you agree, we will proactively find and realise opportunities to exceed those requirements wherever possible. 

    We will continue to identify and implement ways to optimise biodiversity net gain throughout the lifetime of a project. We will monitor, manage, and learn from our experiences. We will feed that learning back into our other projects and share it with others. When the life of our projects comes to an end, we will leave the environment in a better condition than we found it. 

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