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Enhance your long-term income with a renewable energy development

At Innova, we work closely with landowners to develop long-term renewable energy solutions.

This includes solar, wind, and Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) that will not only provide you with a long-term, dependable, and diverse income, but improve the environment, and benefit your local community.

An aerial view of Carn Nicholas solar farm

As a landowner, renewable energy developments can offer you a variety of benefits:

Long term, dependable, and diverse income

Competitive rental incomes are typically in excess of agricultural rates, secured for up to 40 years, allowing you to future-proof your assets.

Heightened land use

A carefully designed solar farm allows for the grazing of small livestock to continue during the life of the project.

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

Having a development on your land is a great way to benefit from the BNG requirement of 10% coming into force in November 2023.

Land preservation

Introducing a solar farm on agricultural land can act as a tool to preserve the long-term quality of your land’s soil for use in agriculture once the development is removed.

What are the land requirements for a renewable energy development?

Solar developments: 

Typically require 75+ acres of land, ideally flat and with existing natural screening.  

However, our team of planners and designers can design developments to fit within a wide range of landscapes.  

Energy storage system (ESS) developments:

Can be constructed on smaller plots of between 1-3 acres of land with similar parameters to solar, as well as being built on brownfield land. 

The good news is that this comes at no cost to you, and you can leave the maintenance of the solar panels or ESS to us.  


How does the process work?

Once we’ve identified that your land is suitable for a development, there are several stages in the process before the site is constructed and energised, including:  

  1. Securing grid capacity
  2. Heads of terms
  3. Planning feasibility
  4. Option agreement
  5. Planning submission and consent
  6. Lease agreement
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Looking to learn more about renewable developments on your land?

The Landowner’s Guide to Renewable Energy Developments, created by the Innova team, shares everything you need to know about renewable energy developments and how we’ll work with you throughout the process. You’ll also get an exclusive look at how one of our current solar and battery developments is benefitting the owners of the land that the development is built on.

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