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Innova signs Solar Energy UK’s UK Industry Supply Chain Statement.

Innova Renewables, along with 54 other companies and organisations across the solar industry, has signed Solar Energy UK’s UK Industry Supply Chain Statement.

The statement was developed in consultation with industry members as part of Solar Energy UK’s ongoing supply chain sustainability workstream. In signing this statement, we’re demonstrating our full support of the Solar Stewardship Initiative (SSI) at Innova, as well as our commitment to using photovoltaic modules from manufacturers that can demonstrate that they are following SSI standards in future projects.

As stated on the Solar Energy UK website, “This includes action to minimise and reduce the impact of extracting raw materials, to conserve water and to lower carbon emissions across the value chain, and to ensure the industry is free of any human rights abuses, including forced labour, anywhere in the global supply chain.”

At Innova, our sustainability mission stretches far beyond setting environmental targets for ourselves and our supply chain. We actively and openly collaborate with our supply chain partners, not only to ensure they hold the same values as us, but also to share knowledge and best practice throughout the value chain.

If you’d like to learn more about Innova’s sustainability mission, get in touch with us today.

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