Advanced Thermal Conversion

Converting unwanted residual waste into valuable energy vectors

InnovaGen (part of Innova Group) was formed to develop and commercialise a unique pyrolysis system for diversified distributed energy generation.

The project has been in development for over four years, and it is currently in the process of completing final commissioning. Our pyrolysis technology is scalable and modular by design.


Our solution promises to be effective at processing a broad scope of waste types from plastic and black bin waste, with the modular design enabling the plant scale to reflect forecast waste volumes. Furthermore, the design and experience of our existing pilot project seeks to mitigate planning permitting risks for future sites, enabling delivery of solutions to clients in a timely manner.


Introducing Biochar

Whilst generating renewable energy is InnovaGen’s primary business, our innovative slow pyrolysis process (thermal decomposition) creates a by-product, known as Biochar.

Biochar is a material which has huge potential within the field of carbon sequestration, the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide. 

Biochar not only provides a stable store for carbon, but it also has a wide range of environmental benefits that which contribute to zero carbon energy and carbon sequestration, including: 


  1. as an animal feed supplement
  2. as a sustainable fertiliser
  3. the ability to greatly increasing water retention within agricultural soils, and
  4. uses within the sanitation, filtration, construction, and medicine sectors

InnovaGen delivers sustainable zero carbon energy vectors to support industrial decarbonisation, whilst producing Biochar - a valuable commodity in Carbon Sequestration.

This means: 

  1. that small scale modular plants can be embedded into local industry or waste transfer station, and
  2. a subsequent a reduction in waste transport carbon miles, due to co-location on waste sites 

Creating a flexible technology can lead to a distributed network of pyrolysis reactors capable of processing hard to handle waste materials into a product capable of disrupting existing fertiliser supply chains. 


What makes InnovaGen’s process different?

Our integrated process will reduce carbon emissions upstream and downstream, sequestering carbon, producing clean energy and creating a sixth tier to the waste hierarchy – A Conversion Step.

A tree in a fieldA tree in a fieldA tree in a fieldA tree in a field

What makes InnovaGen’s process different?

  • produces heat, and we have already run drying trials.

  • is robust and resilient, and we have already achieved over 6000 hours of operations.

  • is currently on Wood Waste, RDF and Difficult to handle waste materials converting them into a range of valuable energy vectors.

  • is Carbon Capture ready – with the ability to capture carbon pre combustion. It also produces Biochar – an important commodity in Carbon Sequestration.

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A rendered image of Energy Storage System containers.

Energy Storage Systems

Innova is developing renewable energy hubs across the UK and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are a key part of our long-term strategy.

Read on to learn more about ESS, including what it is, why it is needed, and how Innova are standing at the forefront UK energy storage development.


A rendered image of an energy storage project from an aerial view.

What is ESS?

ESS is a device that stores the energy generated from solar and/or wind farms. Currently, most ESS is in the form of two- or four-hour battery systems, however new longer duration storage technologies are beginning to merge. As renewable energy generation is intermittent, ESS help to balance this by storing electricity at times of peak demand.  

Why do we need ESS?

The UK has a legally binding target to achieve Net Zero by 2050, and has committed to fully decarbonising the electricity network by 2035. This means that many low carbon and renewable energy developments are now needed across the UK.

Energy Storage Systems are widely recognised as one of the key solutions to effectively integrate additional large-scale intermittent renewables in electric systems.

Energy Storage Systems are leading the way in balancing demand for electricity and providing flexibility to the supply of electricity in terms of where it can be stored on the network, and the times when it can be utilised. They are a crucial component of the delivery of net zero targets. 

What sets Innova’s ESS solutions apart?


Innova have been active in the renewable developments since 2014.

As a leading independent renewable energy developer, our mission is to support the delivery of utility scale renewable energy projects using multi-technologies fit for the transition to Net Zero. Our in-house team of renewable energy industry experts and trusted consultants have extensive experience delivering renewable energy projects across the United Kingdom.  

As such, we are a pioneering force in the renewable energy sector, proudly standing at the forefront of innovation as the leading developer of energy storage projects in the United Kingdom. With a vast pipeline of 26GW spanning 20+ Transmission connected sites, Innova is driving the UK’s transition to a cleaner, more resilient energy future.  

What’s more, we work closely with leading route-to-market providers to develop efficient solutions for both stand-alone storage and storage systems that share grid connection with renewable power plants. 

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Members of the Innova team in a meeting

Solar solutions

Developing solar sites that benefit people and enrich the environment since 2014.


Introducing solar solutions at Innova

In an ever-changing environmental and economic landscape, solar sites are propelling the UK towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

At Innova, our unique solar solutions are paving the way towards significantly improving the environment and benefitting local communities.

Read on to learn more about solar, including how it works, why we need it, and how Innova's solar solutions are creating a positive impact – now, and for the future.

What is solar energy? 

 Solar energy is defined as the energy that is given off by a star – in this instance, energy from the sun. This energy is produced via a process called nuclear fusion, and the energy is released in the form of photons. These photons then travel to earth in the form of sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays.  

What is a solar farm? 

A solar farm is a stretch of farmland where ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed, usually in rows. 

How do solar panels work? 

Solar panels create electricity via the photovoltaic (PV) effect. In short, this is the generation of current and voltage in a material (which, in the case of most solar panels today, is silicone) when it is hit by sunlight. Researchers are continually looking at ways to improve the efficiency of solar panels as more and more solar farms are required.  

Solar panels in a field beneath a blue sky

Why do we need solar developments in the UK? 

There are several reasons why we need to build solar developments in the UK: 

1. Greenhouse gas emitting products are having a substantial and negative impact on the planet and the population. 

Currently, the majority of the national grid is powered by greenhouse gas emitting energy producers. By contrast, solar developments do not emit any greenhouse gases, and are therefore classed as a clean energy producer.  

The more we can make use of solar power, the less greenhouse gasses that will be emitted, and the greater the chances will be for the planet and population to recover from the negative impacts. 

2. Due to the impact of greenhouse gases, the UK government is taking action. 

Specifically, the UK government has a legally binding target to achieve Net Zero (the balance between greenhouse gases produced and removed from the earth’s atmosphere) by 2050, and has committed to fully decarbonising the national grid by 2035. 

As part of this plan, UK businesses are also required by law to achieve these targets. By switching to solar energy, as opposed to fossil fuels, UK businesses will have a much greater chance of achieving this. 

An aerial view of Carn Nicholas solar park

3. Solar energy is the cheapest form of energy currently available 

According to Electricity Generation Costs 2023 by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, the lifetime cost of solar energy is £41 per megawatt-hours (MWh) produced, compared to gas turbine plants, which are £114 per megawatt-hours produced. As the solar industry develops more, this gap will widen, with solar expected to cost £37/MWh compared to a gas turbine at £139/MWh.

Solar also benefits from a more secure cost in production, as its fuel is free, whereas the cost of gas fluctuates. In summary, by installing more PV solar projects, the cost of energy will reduce. 

4. Solar farms promote biodiversity whilst supporting farmers and food production 

By using part of a landowner’s land for a solar development, this provides the landowner with a steady and secure income during the operation of the project. Consequently, this gives them the opportunity to reinvest into their farm and help produce food within the UK. 

What’s more, solar developments allow for biodiversity enhancements, helping local wildlife to flourish and leaving land in a better state than before the development was built. 

An aerial view of Carn Nicholas with Swansea in the background

What sets Innova’s solar solutions apart?

A meeting room with chairs, a table, a whiteboard, and a screen displaying HDMI connection instructions.

Innova have been in the renewable energy development industry since 2014.

With Innova’s in-house teams of planning, technical, engineering, and construction experts, we develop, build, and operate our own solar assets. This not only gives us complete autonomy throughout the project lifecycle, but empowers us to be at the cutting edge of technology and to keep improving the quality and performance of our sites to achieve an exceptionally positive impact.

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Two women sitting at a meeting room table with laptops beneath the Innova tagline "The smart future of green energy."

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