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In Planning

Redborough Farm Solar Farm

In Planning
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Current planning process status

  • Public Consultation
  • Revise Proposals
  • Application Submitted
  • Application Consultation
  • Decision on Application

About the project

Innova are working on a proposal for a solar development on land east of Aylesbury Road, Ledburn, LU7 0QD. We are working in partnership with Innova Group, who will own and operate the solar farm. This proposal will be connected directly into the local electricity network. The site will be able to generate enough electricity to power 11,887 homes. 

The site has been carefully selected and designed through a detailed assessment process considering grid availability, heritage, landscape & amenity, ecology & environmental designations, access, and agricultural land quality.  We have engaged a team of expert consultants to undertake site specific assessments which are currently in progress. 

The application has now been submitted with the following reference number: 23/02313/APP to the Buckinghamshire council (Aylesbury Vale Area – Simple Search (aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk)  

Site Design

The site at Redborough Farm has been chosen following a comprehensive site selection process, which has considered land availability within proximity to the available grid connection, access availability and several other selection criteria.  

The selected site benefits from existing tree and hedgerow planting along field boundaries which provide a good level of screening. To ensure the development is suitably screened, additional planting is proposed to both create new, and strengthen the existing, hedgerows and tree belts. 

A site-specific biodiversity strategy has been prepared to ensure that existing habitats are improved, and new habitats are created to further enhance local wildlife and provide an overall biodiversity net gain. We have set aside a large area to provide these enhancements within our design. 

A section of the site will be reserved for community use. The detail of this is to be decided and we would like to take feedback from the local community on how best to implement this. Some ideas already received from the community include a community orchard or local allotment. 

The Equipment

Solar Panels: The solar panels will be mounted with a maximum rear height of approximately 3m using frames fixed to the ground with piled posts or ground screws.

Inverters units: Convert the power from DC to AC and are mounted on the back of the solar panels at intervals.

Substation buildings: Required to connect the solar farm to the local electricity grid, and meter the production.

Transformer units: Will be required for each section of the solar farm to step the voltage up to a suitable export level.

CCTV: Infrared CCTV cameras may be required and will be positioned within the fence line and be directed within the site only. These will not include any exterior lighting.

Storage/Monitoring Buildings: Containerised structures to store equipment during the operational of the solar farm for use of the maintenance staff.

Perimeter fence: A deer-style fence comprising of wooden posts supporting traditional wire stock fencing. This will be approximately 2m high and will include suitable access for wildlife.

Internal access tracks: a small number of internal access tracks will be required for maintenance vehicles. These will follow existing tracks where possible and will comprise of crushed stone over a geo-textile membrane and will be approximately 4m wide.

Site Access

A bespoke site access will be created to the south of Aylesbury road and an existing access utilised to the North of Aylesbury road. The access point adjacent to Leburn village will not be used.

Green Energy and Climate Change

There is widespread awareness of the need to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and an encouragement to increase the generation and use of renewable energy.

The UK has committed to becoming Net Zero by 2050 and a target to decarbonise the electricity grid by 2035. This requires an extra 3GW of solar to be built each year. The Powering Up Britain (published in March 2023) sets an ambition to increase the use of solar fivefold by 2035, therefore renewable energy developments like the Redborough  Solar Farm are a key part of addressing the local and national climate emergency.

Public Right of Way

The public right of way will still be in use when the solar farm is operational and will benefit from further planting. In addition, a new ‘circular walk’ leading off the public right of way around a section of the solar farm and ecological area will be created.