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Innova kicks off 2024 with planning consent for three solar projects.

Following the successful granting of planning permission for Blackdyke Farm Energy Storage Project and Heysham Energy Storage Project at the end of 2023, Innova are delighted to be launching into the new year with planning consents for three new solar developments.

With a total a solar capacity of 61.5MW, the three projects represent significant additions to Innova’s rapidly growing pipeline of renewable energy developments. What’s more, each site plays its own crucial role in achieving Innova’s mission of positively benefitting local communities and businesses and improving the environment.

Discover more about Innova’s three most recently consented solar projects below:

Bucklesham Solar Park

Planning permission was granted for Bucklesham Solar Park on 28th November 2023. Located on land at Bucklesham Hall Farm in East Suffolk, the development will have a solar capacity of 25MW – generating enough electricity to power around 6,292 local homes and save 5,260 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. It will also improve the habitat of the nationally scarce black mining bee, which was found on the site during Innova’s Specialist Environmental Surveys.

Read the full press release here

Parkgate Farm Solar Park

Following a successful appeals process – the first of Innova’s portfolio – Innova obtained planning permission for the 22.5 Parkgate Farm Solar Park on 15th December 2023. Concerns around heritage and landscape were addressed in Innova’s appeal submission. Once built, it will deliver equivalent electricity for 5,768 homes, and save approximately 5,333 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

Read the full press release here

Parkhill South Solar Farm

Parkhill South Solar Farm is the first of Innova’s solar projects to receive planning approval in Scotland. With a solar capacity of 14MW – enough energy to power 3,800 homes in the Angus district – this development will assist the Scottish Government in achieving their target of delivering at least 20GW of additional low-cost renewable electricity by 2030, as well as providing an overall biodiversity net gain of 89% for habitats and 202% for hedgerows.

Read the full press release here

Ryan Adams, Managing Director at Innova Renewables Developments, said:

“To have received planning consent for a further three solar sites in such quick succession to our superscale Blackdyke and Heysham energy storage projects is a fantastic outcome for Innova – and testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone in the business who has brought them over the line.

“Together, the Bucklesham, Parkgate, and Parkhill solar developments will not only make a considerable contribution towards local and national Net Zero goals, but will promote biodiversity, enable local businesses to make the switch to renewable energy, and provide community funding that can be integrated into local initiatives.

“I look forward to seeing these projects progress over the coming months, and the positive impact they will have in the years to come!”

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